On-page SEO Basics Every Webmaster Needs to Know

Are you new to SEO? Here are some On-page SEO basics every webmaster needs to know.

Meta description

It has always been an essential optimization point. Meta tags and Meta descriptions provide a summary of your page; they are still displayed underneath your pages speck, even though Google insists Meta description does not help in ranking, but there is evidence indirect attributes help. If you optimize Meta description correctly, they can help improve;


It means Expertise Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness; its work is to assess web pages, create content, and websites as a whole. You now know main reasons why we get good quality content. Google’s initiative is to provide more credible in search results. Implementing E-A-T principles in your work won’t just help you in rank, but it will secure more trust with users. This builds an excellent foundation for rest of your customer’s journey with your company.

Title tag

A title tag exists in the head section of every webpage. It provides a context as to what topical subject matter is of respect page it is on. It is featured in search engine result pages as well as in your browser window; it has a little impact on organic rankings. Other than those two pages, it isn’t like other web content on a given page; a user will see immediately when landing on your page. It affects organic rankings since one item alone cannot be magical, especially if your content is low quality.


Website content performs well on search if only a person starts writing compelling headlines. Coming up with a title for a blog post seems essential. Still, a great headline means a significant difference between an impression and a click. It is necessary to create them carefully and strategically. Your headlines need to be good to bring out an interest for it to stand out on SERPs. While writing headlines you should be descriptive, ensure you use numbers because they have advantage of organizing your article hence making readers read article point by point, also use formulas have proven their efficiency, use keywords and think of Twitter, you need to write a headline fits 140 Twitter characters all this is because your content has to be shared.

Header tags

These are Html elements used to identify headings and subheadings within your work from other text types. It makes a page more relevant, words used in your header tag are weighed more highly when Google is trying to figure out if a page is related to a user’s query.

SEO writing

Search engines use a variety of factors to rank websites and pages, in terms of SEO writing it is focused on creating content using specific targeted words called keywords to help search engines find and rank the web page, the only challenge of SEO writing is balancing the material to help search engines rank it while also remaining exciting and appealing to your reader which Profit SEO Brisbane does best.

Keyword cannibalization

This is something to be taken seriously because it can damage your rankings for quite several reasons; it happens when website information architecture relies on single information while it can occur unintentionally, sometimes having several pages target same keyword causes problems. It also happens when you disrespect Google’s guidelines. It is essential to know whether keyword cannibalization exists on your website and resolves it right away.

Content Audit

They can be very powerful and restorative, yet many marketers underestimate it. If you want your content to perform, you should run an audit from time to time, you know they are time-consuming and rather unpleasant, yet results are rewarding.

Image optimization

Adding images is an excellent way to make pages more appealing, But not all images are equally created since some can slow down your website. Make sure you optimize images properly because this will help you make most valuable SEO assets. Image optimization has several advantages, and this is faster page load times, better user experience, and additional ranking opportunities.

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