How to find a Gold Coast Removalist and things to consider before you hire

You know that moving an entire home with your personal and most valuable belongings across town or sometime across cities can be added stress to the entire moving process. Whether it is your first time moving houses or your work place and even if you have done it before you know that you need the help required that only a professional removalists could provide to give you a peace of your mind. Considering the accreditation of the removal company, their quotes, reviews and their business philosophy are few things to keep in mind before you make your decision to hire a Gold Coast removalist.

Gold Coast Removalists

When looking for a Gold Coast Removalist the first thing you must check if whether the company is licensed and the year of experience they have. You can be assured that an experienced and accredited company would be capable of doing a good job and you could check their reviews as positive customer reviews would give you a better idea of how the company works and ensure that it is functional.

Once you have narrowed down on the licensed and experienced removal companies the next step is to give them a call and give them your requirements and dates. You might want to make appointments to see them or have them come see your place and possessions that need to be moved so that they can make a proper assessment and give you a quote as per your exact requirement. Gold Coast removalists charge in two different ways so you have an option of either paying an hourly rate or a lump some amount. It is recommended that if you have a big move, for example a 3-bedroom house with all furniture and belongings, you get a lump some amount quote this way you will save more than you would if you paid hourly.


Once the removal companies have made their assessment and given you a quote you must follow up with questions regarding logistics, packing material, and double check for any hidden costs or items that may not be covered in the initial quote. Not all removal companies may use the same kind of packing material or the kind of vehicle they use to transport your things. Some removal companies may include unpacking in their quotation and some may leave it as add on service that you have pay for in addition to the initial quote. Clarification on these points and your evaluation of details of logistics will help you choose the most reliable and affordable company.

Last but not the least you must consider getting an Insurance coverage for your furniture and all valuable items that would be transported by the movers. A sign of a trustworthy removal company is that they offer insurance service to cover for any unforeseen damages or losses during the transfer in case of an accident. This also saves you the trouble for getting insurance from another company which would be yet another hassle to deal with on top of the already existing stress of moving!

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