How to Choose The Best iPhone Tripod

To combine your passion for photography and that for nature, you need the best iPhone tripod. A good tripod is a must-have item if you want ultra-sharp pictures because it provides you with the stability you need to focus on a particular subject perfectly. However, selecting an ideal iPhone tripod can be a daunting task, whether you are a novice or a professional photographer. Below are the factors you ought to consider when looking for a suitable tripod for your iPhone.

1. The height of the tripod

Generally, you should purchase a tripod stand that corresponds with your height to prevent bending when you want to look into the viewfinder of your camera. The viewfinder of your iPhone should be at the level of your eyes once you place it on the tripod. If you are thinking of going for a modular tripod stand with a separate head, you should make sure that the tripod’s tip is at the level of your shoulders when standing straight. You should also consider the tripod’s height when it’s folded for easy storage and transportation. It should easily fit in your preferred carry-on luggage.

2. The head of the tripod

The head of the tripod is one of the essential parts of a tripod stand. The head secures the iPhone in place and also controls the movement of the camera. When you purchase a modular tripod stand, it doesn’t come with an attached head, which means you will have to buy it separately. When purchasing a tripod head, ensure that it can support the maximum amount of weight as the legs of your tripod.

3. The construction material and weight of the tripod

A tripod’s weight is a crucial factor when you are looking for an iPhone tripod stand. In most cases, the weight depends on the materials utilized in its construction. Do not go for a tripod stand that’s too heavy because this is an item you will have to carry around with you most of the time.

4. The shape of the tripod’s legs 

Generally, there are two kinds of tripod legs: a non-tabular and tabular design. If you select a tripod stand made from aluminum, basalt, and steel, you’ll get a non-tabular form with different leg shapes and a flip-locking mechanism. Carbon fiber tripods come with a threaded twist-lock device that assists in securing the legs. The shape of the legs usually depends on the maximum weight the tripod system can support. Generally, tabular forms provide you with great stability and strength.

5. The release system of the tripod

When looking for a tripod stand for your iPhone, you should go for an attachment system with a quick release, as well as a safe and firm mechanism. Also, check the attachment system to ensure that it’s effective and durable. The durability of the attachment system depends on the material that makes the plate, and it can either be aluminum or strong plastic. Besides, you should also check the locking mechanism to ensure that it eliminates vibration when using your iPhone’s camera is in use.

6. The stability of the tripod

Most people think that a tripod’s weight represents its stability at all times, but it does not. Generally, many tripod stands are durable and strong, but very unstable when utilized in some weather conditions. A good tripod system should be able to withstand strong forces like wind, bumps, and knocks when it’s set up. When you are looking for a suitable tripod for your iPhone, you can’t afford to overlook the stability aspect of the system. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your iPhone if the head of your tripod system detaches, or if the back or front outweighs the other and your tripod stand trips and falls on the ground.

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