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Circumcision is the medical procedure of removing the foreskin from the human penis. It is a widespread practice all across the world. The process is simple, the foreskin is opened, adhesions are removed, and then the foreskin is removed from the glans. A circumcision device is used to cut off the foreskin. Most medical professionals use topical or local anesthesia is used to lessen the pain during the procedure. This procedure is usually performed on babies and children due to cultural or religious beliefs. In some instances, it is done due to medical reasons to treat a medical condition or to prevent one. It helps in treating problems such as phimosis and balanoposthitis and treat chronic urinary tract infections. 

circumcision Melbourne

Benefits of circumcision 

Many studies and researches have revealed that the procedure of circumcision lessens the risk of getting HIV. The reason is that the foreskin is not as the skin on the other parts of the body. Studies show that the foreskin has Langerhans cells that attract HIV cells and increases the chances of a person getting HIV. This procedure also helps to prevent and to spread of the HIV infection. It also helps in reducing other sexually transmitted diseases and other genital infections. It is said the children who have undergone this procedure are less likely to have any urinary infections in their first six months. With age, it also helps in preventing penile cancer. Though this cancer is uncommon. Even people who have not undergone this procedure can prevent penile cancer by maintaining good hygiene. When it comes to the risks, the risk of harmful side effects from this procedure is very low. The most common side effect is bleeding, which ceases in a little amount of time. 

What is the procedure of circumcision?

The procedure of circumcision is easy and simple. On a newborn, the procedure can be done by a trained and skilled medical professional. To reduce the pain, painkillers can also be provided. Many studies reveal that babies may feel lesser pain if they get the procedure done seven to ten days after their birth. As the newborns have high levels of endorphins, it reduces body pain. 

After procedure

After completion of the procedure, caring is strongly advised. The part must be washed gently with warm water and dried gently. Antibiotic ointment should be applied before putting the bandage or changing the diaper. It takes about five to seven days for the area to heal. It is entirely normal if there is a little swelling, redness, or blood during the first initial day. In case these symptoms continue, one must visit the doctor. All side effects can be treated efficiently. 

Circumcision in Melbourne

When it comes to circumcision Melbourne has the most advanced techniques and medical professionals to carry out the procedure. Circumcision by laser is the latest advanced treatment with benefits over the traditional circumcision. Specialized private clinics are in the city for all ages. 

Appointments are available. One can check out online to find some of the best doctors near them. 

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